RTR Sport Marketing to the Clinica Mobile (Motogp and WSB)

The Eltherington Brothers with the RTR Sports team in Valencia

As part of the marketing programme of our Lazu brand we identified the benefits of connecting with a motorsport or extreme sport of some kind. After some deliberation, (not much as I am a Motogp addict) it was decided to look at what was involved with connected with Motogp in some fashion. After searching the internet for some info I came across RTR Sport Marketing so decided to send an email to see what happened. Riccardo Tafa (Managing Director) came back to me with a general overview and asked what we were trying to achieve. After multiple calls it was suggested we look at partnering with the Clinica Mobile as our products were natural and health related.

Richard Eltherington and Michele Zasa signing the Partnership agreement in the Clinica Mobile

Riccardo arranged a call with Michele Zasa (Director of the Clinica) and Sara Pagliero (Clinica Marketing and Comms) to discuss the opportunity. There seemed to be good synergy with what both companies wanted so an agreement was drafted and signed at the Valencian Motogp in November 2018.

My thanks go to Riccardo and his team for working with us to achieve this milestone in our companies journey.

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